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Our Rules and FAQs


What is naked cleaning?

Naked cleaning is a fun and entertaining spin on traditional domestic cleaning services. Naked cleaners and nude maids work in the nude, topless, in a body suite or fully dressed as you require, in a respectful and professional environment.

We believe the Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” team is the pre-eminent naked cleaning team. We present a great freelance team of domestic cleaners who are professional, intelligent, fun and each unique in their own way. 

They are to be respected for the adventurous work and task they undertake.


Pay your subscription fee via PayPal to be able to book any service provider on our TalentHub

You are required to pay a low nominal $39 (USD) or £33(GBP) per month subscription fee to be able to schedule cleaners on our TalentHub. 

Pay for your subscription fee here > to be able to create an account on our site, to then be able to directly and easily communicate, for free, directly with our team of freelance service providers.

You do not need a PayPal account (you can pay simply with your Debit or Credit Card via the PayPal processing point to subscribe). Payments are paid to our parent business FOR YOU Services, and your Debit / Credit Card will only state “FOR YOU” for your privacy. PayPal manages all data and is one of the world’s largest and trusted payments providers. We do not have access to your credit card number or expiry etc.

To subscribe to then be sent an invitation email (which will include an “invitation code“, which you need to enter when creating your account) to access our Talent Hub at talenthub.foryouservices.com, please pay your subscription fee here >. Ensure you check your SPAM or TRASH email box as the invitation email which includes your invitation code to create an account on our site will sometimes go to SPAM or Trash.


Professionalism? Are you professionals?

Nobody builds a business on the back of poor professionalism.

When you book a Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” domestic cleaner, you are booking with a brand that is only wanting to be seen in a positive light. This means our carefully sourced team members are great, professional, bright and fun individuals. We ensure our cleaners arrive “undercover” and are “ultra discrete” on arrival. Just remember – it is your responsibility to close the blinds…


How does my cleaner arrive to my house, flat or location?

Your cleaner will arrive dressed in a casual / professional yet understated manner. Being discrete is an absolute must in our industry, and our cleaners are true professionals to ensure no attention is drawn to you when you are provided with our elite and adventurous service.


Which areas do we service?

We service the whole of the United States and UK. We are growing our team and are looking to add team members in all states and cities / towns of America. If you feel you maybe right for this job, and would like to list your profile on our site, please complete the “Join Our Team” form here > . Some of our team do have cars, and are willing to drive, sometimes at an addition cost depending on location/distance.


What is the cost?

Please see the standard cost for our cleaners on their individual profiles on our Talent Hub here > .  Sometimes the service providers are willing to supply “custom specials”, which they may offer you on response to your messaging through our platform.


Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?

We require you, the client to provide the cleaning products and equipment. There is a good reason for this, many people have varying sensitivities to cleaning products, hence we feel that the client should provide the required cleaning agents. Your cleaning services provider will provide their own gloves.


Can I touch the cleaner?

No. This is strictly prohibited and against our policies. Our service providers safety is a priority, and we have various mechanisms in place to ensure their safety.

You must not invade the cleaners personal space, and must allow them to professionally undertake the service as described in their profile.


Can I take photos of the cleaner, or video him or her?

No. We take our cleaners privacy seriously. Our cleaners have a right to privacy, and you have no right to take images or record video.


Can other people be in the property during the nude cleaning service?

No, we strictly prohibit the presence of additional guests other than the booking client when the cleaner is present, unless agreement is made in advance with the cleaner.

Our team sometimes are requested to be present at events, and in such instances they may permit this, however our team are only to be placed in a professional environment.


What if I get excited?

Our cleaners are very professional. They won’t get upset and will understand your reaction to a nude body. However, you should respect them and their personal space.


How does payment occur?

You need to pay your cleaner cash only on arrival to your home or location of cleaning. This is to ensure the payable monies are definitively available to the cleaner. 


Is this a sexual service?

No it is not. You are not to approach or invade the space of our cleaner, or expect any form of other service other than that of a Naked Cleaner, undertaking domestic household cleaning requirements. They are there to provide an entertaining spin on traditional domestic cleaning. Our cleaner is entitled to involve the police if you do not abide by these rules. Our cleaners will attend based on the timeline you request, and will update a 3rd party contact on arrival, halfway and on leaving your premises to ensure the task / work is continuing as expected and for the cleaners safety.


Security / Safety of our Cleaners

We have various mechanisms in place for the safety of our cleaners. The address you provide to the cleaner needs to match to the address / door number that our cleaner attends. Our cleaners will use a confidant, who will be aware of the address and time span that the cleaner is expected to be cleaning at your home or apartment.

The cleaner will need to be able to message their confidant during their visit to your home  or apartment, via either cellular connection or your WIFI network (if cellular does not work for the cleaner, e.g. in basement flats). This WIFI connectivity will be requested at the front door, and the cleaner will request they are able to contact their confidant to ensure their well being.

On occasion the cleaner will take an image of the front of the door area that they are entering, and send to the their confidant. Cleaners are also expected to use GPS tracking technology’s (often embedded in their phones – and other tracking devices), to track their movements.


Terms and Conditions of Service

All clients and cleaners must adhere to our FAQs seen on this page, and Terms and Conditions seen here >

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