About Us

Welcome To "FOR YOU" Services

You know who we are, and we value your custom.

Who Are We

We are the “FOR YOU” Services network. Providing the best in service provision.

Our Mission

To provide a leading platform to enable the great service providers of the USA to match with our great clients.

What We Do

We provide a digital advertising platform across our network for freelance service providers.

Our History

Founded in 2019, we are now a leading digital services and bookings feeder / provider to freelance service providers.

Why Choose Us?

It’s what makes us great.

No phone calls, simply create your advertisement online, or if your are scheduling a service provider we contact you.

We only use PayPal. PayPal is the world’s largest digital payments provider which is secure and provides a simple charge back process if you are not satisfied. Also, your Credit or Debit card will simply state “FOR YOU” for your privacy. 

We vet all of our team thoroughly, ensuring they are right for the job at hand.

A feedback mechanism to allow you, the customer to evaluate and provide feedback, to help us improve our service offering.

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