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All In One Market Place Plan

Elevate Your Online Presence with Ease! A low $39 per month (with domain), or $59 per month including Logo creation.

Who Are We

We are the “FOR YOU” Services network. Providing the best in service provision.

Our Mission

To provide leading platforms to enable our clients across the USA to deploy websites and other digital capabilities with ease.

What We Do

Under this service offering we provide a full packaged website deployment offering, including deployment, integration with Elementor (CMS) and Cloudflare, and provide the training modules that allow you to take your first steps and thrive in updating your own website. We can buy the domain for you as well if required.

All-in-one website deployment packages

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All In One
Market Place Plan

$259 per month

Extraordinary MarketPlaces

With this package we deploy your website with our leading Ruby On Rails Marketplace offering, including the ability to integrate payments with Stripe.

The technology is as provided on various other platforms we offer to clients, so you may already be familiar with our marketplaces.

Training documentation and Videos is once again provided.

All In One Market Place Monthly Payment Plan

All completed within 72 hours of payment.

💥No refunds for 2 months, yet then cancel at anytime💥
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This must be the email that is used to purchase your subscription. This is also where we will send the administrative login and URL to your new website.

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For example mynewdomain.com
Please enter the prefix for your Market Place. This will be for example "mymarket", for [email protected]. It should be a representative descriptor of your market place.
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Please enter the prefix for your email address. This will be for example "contact", for [email protected]
Please enter the prefix for your email address. This will be for example "contact", for [email protected]

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Why Choose Us?

It’s what makes us great.

Simply pay your subscription fee and submit the form. We offer what we believe to be the best and fastest digital deployment packages, putting you in control from 24 – 48 hours.

We only use PayPal. PayPal is the world’s largest digital payments provider which is secure and provides a simple charge back process if you are not satisfied. Also, your Credit or Debit card will simply state “FOR YOU” for your privacy. 

We vet all of our team thoroughly, ensuring they are right for the job at hand.

A feedback mechanism to allow you, the customer to evaluate and provide feedback, to help us improve our service offering.

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