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Welcome to the “FOR YOU” Services Massage Therapists Marketplace, where we provide a platform for beauty therapist freelancers and service providers to sell their unique offerings and clients to purchase these services. Our website is the perfect location for massage therapists to list their service offering as we provide a directory, network, and marketplace for providers to sell their services.

Why Choose Our Massage Therapists Marketplace

Our Massage Therapists Marketplace is the ultimate destination for clients who appreciate the art of curated beauty and relaxation experiences. We offer a wide range of options to suit every need, from classic and therapeutic massages to adventurous and exotic techniques. Our therapists use only the finest quality products, ensuring that your experience is memorable and visually impressive.

Support Local Therapists

By choosing our marketplace, you’re supporting local therapists and small businesses, fostering a sense of community and encouraging sustainability. Our platform connects you with passionate therapists who take pride in providing visually stunning and effective massage services, perfect for promoting relaxation and wellness.

Earn Income in a Similar Way to @1r b n b & Other Marketplaces Operate

As a massage therapist, you can earn income for your exceptional service offerings on our platform. Similar to how @1r b n b and other marketplaces operate, our marketplace allows you to offer your services and immediately earn when clients make a purchase. Join our community and start turning your skills into income today! Simply create your service listing, connect your PayPal account (allowing our customers to purchase your services), and earn that income immediately.

Customize Your Experience

Our “FOR YOU” Services Massage Therapists Directory / Marketplace allows you to customize your massage experience to suit your specific needs and preferences. From deep tissue massages to hot stone massages, our therapists are ready to create the perfect relaxation experience for you. Simply browse through our offerings, connect with your chosen therapist, and discuss your preferences and requirements to create a massage that truly reflects your taste and style.

Easy and Secure Transactions

Our platform makes it easy and secure to buy and sell massage services online. We prioritize the safety of our users by implementing secure payment methods and a reliable review system, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both clients and therapists.

How to Get Started

Getting started with our Massage Therapists Marketplace is simple. If you’re looking to book a massage, simply browse our selection of therapist offerings and select the one that appeals to you most. If you’re a therapist looking to sell your massage services, sign up as a provider and showcase your skills and services to a wider audience.


The “FOR YOU” Services Massage Therapists Marketplace, Directory and Network is your one-stop-shop for discovering, creating, and enjoying unique and personalized massage experiences. We invite you to join our community of wellness enthusiasts and therapists to elevate your relaxation and share your love for exquisite beauty and wellness. Explore our platform today and embark on a relaxation journey like no other.

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