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Applicants must have cleaning experience and be prepared to perform “light cleaning duties”. It’s essential to possess a friendly disposition and confidence. It’s crucial to note that only cleaning duties are required when working as part of the Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” team, and that by joining our team you pledge to only provide naturist / naked, nude or topless services, or standard general domestic cleaning services, as preferred by you and listed by you in your listing profile.

Our domestic cleaning team is compensated on a freelance basis, per job, based on their listing rates.

What We Seek – Please Carefully Review

“FOR YOU” Services ( and Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” are in pursuit of true professionals who enjoy cleaning, possess confidence, and enjoy working with clients with character. It’s essential for our team members to demonstrate professionalism and respect their role. This includes punctuality, discretion, and a service-oriented attitude. We highly value individuals who bring positivity and entertainment to our clients’ lives. As a valued Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” team member, the rewards can be substantial based on how you position yourself as part of our service listings. We strive to provide opportunities to our service providers to earn extra side income and seek honest individuals. If you meet the criteria, please complete the form below.

Some service providers earn an additional income of $1,000 to $3,000 per month.

Supporting information is available at these links:

Safety and Security measures can be found here which we recommend all service providers use as a minimum to safely complete service requests asked of them.

The Rules and FAQs that our clients must understand and adhere to are found here.

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